Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Sessions

Healers have been utilizing crystals and healing energy as powerful tools for thousands of years. Crystals transmit and amplify energy. Crystals also store knowledge and information. Because each kind of crystal vibrates at its own unique set of frequencies, during a crystal healing session the crystal is able to work on a specific condition or problem while helping to restore a state of balance and harmony to the mind and body. 

What To Expect During Your Crystal Healing Session

During a Crystal Healing session, I work with a selection of healing crystals and Reiki energy to create powerful restorative results. We focus together on the benefits of each crystal being called forward for your healing and energizing for your highest and greatest good. 

During your Crystal Healing session, I may receive intuitive messages and spiritual guidance that I will share with you, if you are open to it. These messages are always positive and loving. I also provide tools and meditations to take with you into your life. Clients report feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and restored after their Crystal Healing appointments.

How To Prepare For Your Crystal Healing Session

Prior to your appointment, be sure to think about what you want to accomplish from our time together and write down any intentions or questions you may have. Try to relax for a few minutes before your scheduled time by taking some deep breaths and sitting quietly. Finally, be ready for an uplifting and wonderful experience!