Psychic Medium Readings

How I Developed My Psychic Medium Abilities

For as long as I can remember, I have intuitively known how the people around me were feeling and could clairvoyantly see things that had already happened or would happen later on. After a tragedy in college, I found that I could also connect with those who have passed on. At that point, I began to formally explore my natural mediumship and psychic abilities. Having spent the last 20 years studying and working with well-known and respected clairvoyants and psychic mediums around the world, I have come to appreciate the expression of my own psychic medium and empathic gifts. When I connect with you, your loved ones who have transitioned, Spirit Guides, Archangels and Guardian Angels will come through to offer you uplifting and often much needed messages and guidance. These connections are always positive and helpful.

What To Expect During Your Reading

LoveHeals psychic readings can be a wonderful way to receive inspiration, emotional support, relief from long held grief, relevant guidance and overall empowerment. My psychic sessions are for anyone seeking positive and supportive guidance in their lives. The messages I share with you will always be relevant to your present life, with the purpose of helping you in the best way possible. Life areas that may come up during a psychic reading include: love life, career, life purpose, family and loved ones (past and present), education, lifestyle, health, personal relationships, as well as your personal development on a soul level.    Expect to leave feeling healed and positively changed in ways that will continue to unfold for you in beautiful and seemingly magical ways over time. 

Preparing For Your Session

Be sure to think about what you want to accomplish from our time together and write down any questions you may have. Depending on your location, we can meet in person or we will conduct your reading over the phone. Either way is perfect! Try to relax for a few minutes prior to your reading by taking some deep breaths and sitting quietly. Finally, be ready for a wonderful experience connecting with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones! 

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