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Vision Board Expert ~ Manifesting Guru

Having worked with people and companies around the world, LoveHeals Vision Board workshops and presentations provide participants from all walks of life a proven method to identify goals and manifest their dreams!


Powerful Creation Tools

A Vision Board is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you focus and manifest your life's desires. The use of vision boards have long been endorsed by talents and innovators such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Jack Canfield, Spanx creator Sara Blakely. Jim Carey, and many more. Vision Boards help you maintain a positive focus and mental attitude while keeping dreams and goals in the forefront of your mind. These simple devices are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. 

Learn how you can begin your manifesting journey by working with us to host your own Vision Board Workshop! Your friends, family, colleagues and teammates will be so grateful as they watch their dreams come to life, all thanks to you. 

Why Visions Boards Work

Vision boards work because surrounding yourself with images of who you want to be, your business goals, fitness aspirations, the lifestyle you want, the places that you’d like to travel, the possessions you want to have, and so on, positively uplifts and changes your energy, and you will find that it’s easier to focus on those goals and truly achieve what you want. In addition, the visual and tactile process of creating your Vision Board (cutting out images, gluing them or pinning them) helps your brain start working in a way that sparks and helps you maintain your creativity and drive. Vision Boards serve as your image of the future - a tangible example, idea or representation of your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

Workshops Are For Everyone

Vision Board Workshops offer a structured way to create the visual roadmap to your goals while having fun. We offer customized workshops for groups of all sizes. All materials are provided so all you, your group or your team need to do is show up!

Top 10 Most Popular Workshops :

  1. In-home Groups & Wine Parties
  2. Corporate Team Building
  3. C-Level Focus Groups
  4. Conferences and Retreats
  5. Brides & Bubbly Parties 
  6. Book Clubs
  7. College Prep & Goal Setting
  8. Family Nights
  9. Sports Team Vision Building
  10. One-on-One Workshops

Vision Boards Work For Everyone! 

All Types of Groups Welcome


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