Visually Trigger Your Prosperity

VISION BOARDS ARE POWERFUL MANIFESTING TOOLS.  A Vision Board is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you focus and manifest your life's desires. The use of vision boards have long been endorsed by talents and innovators such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Jack Canfield, Jim Carey and many more. These simple devices are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. 

Vision boards work because surrounding yourself with images of who you want to be, your business goals, fitness aspirations, the lifestyle you want, the places that you’d like to travel, the possessions you want to have, etc. positively uplifts and changes your energy, so you will find that it’s easier to focus on your goals and achieve them. In addition, the visual and tactile process of creating your Vision Board helps your brain start working in a way that sparks and helps you maintain your creativity and drive. Your vision board serves as your image of the future - a tangible example, idea or representation of your dreams, your goals and your ideal life.

Contact us today to learn how you can begin your manifesting journey by hosting your own Vision Board Workshop. Your friends, family, colleagues and teammates will be so grateful as they watch their dreams come to life, all thanks to you!


LoveHeals vision board workshops are great for anyone interested in powerfully communicating and manifesting their goals and dreams. In addition to our most popular workshops, we also work with our clients to create custom themed workshops. No matter what your goal is - health, wealth, romance, etc.  -  you will leave with a true visual representation of your desires in order to create a new life! All workshops include vision board materials.

2019 NEW YEAR GOALS. Gather a group of your best clients or closest friends and set out on the adventure of visually creating your prosperity for the upcoming year. Make this year like no other by manifesting with your vision board. New Year's workshops are best for groups of 10-15 and all participants have reported reaching awesome goals! 

CREATE YOUR LIFE vision board workshops empower you to reach for the stars in order to live your best and most prosperous life. No matter what your goal is - health, wealth, love, etc.  -  you will leave with a proven manifesting tool that will visually express and help you attain your desires!

BOUTIQUES & BEAUTY. A great way to manifest wealth is to share the ability to manifest with others. Invite guests or special clients to a fun day or evening workshop where they can mingle, build a unique vision board and shop a little too. Each one of your guests receives a beautiful charged crystal as a thank you gift.  Group pricing varies by number of participants. 

CRYSTAL WORKSHOPS. For those more metaphysically-minded creators, crystal vision board workshop include the use of crystals best known for manifesting love, abundance, health and wealth. Each attendee receives a crystal charged with energy geared towards manifesting their primary vision board goal. Guests will learn how to infuse crystals with intentions, cleanse crystals, maintain crystal energy and how to best work with other crystals and vision board.

CREATING IN COMMUNITY.  Sharing stories and creating with love are two age-old traditions long revered by women around the world. Share an evening with your women friends sharing, laughing, creating and manifesting the dreams hidden in your books and stories. Create in community.

BRIDES & BUBBLY. One super fun way to celebrate the bride is by throwing a bride & bubbly party. Spend an afternoon sipping champagne and creating a fantastic manifesting tool. Each participant will leave happy to have been part of a group focused on love, health, wealth and prosperity. Bridal parties of all races, religions and genders supported. 

PSYCHIC READINGS WORKSHOP. This vision board party is unique for every guest as each participant will receive a mini reading to help them manifest a board divinely guided towards their highest and greatest good. 

WINE & CHOCOLATE PAIRING.  Your group can't go wrong invoking the law of attraction while sipping beautiful wines paired with artisan chocolates. This vision board party works best with groups of up to 10.

Regardless of the theme of your workshop, you will learn:

  • What many celebrities and artists such as Oprah, Ellen and Jim Carey already know about the power of vision boards
  • The brain science behind their success 
  • The Law of Attraction and how to apply the principles to YOUR life for results
  • To set goals in areas of your life you want to focus on
  • To use your vision board daily to its fullest potential to uncover your best life

What You Receive:

  • A crystal charged specifically for your goal or intention
  • Complete Vision Board supplies
  • A unique Vision Board of your own design declaring your goals & dreams
  • Ongoing encouragement & opportunities to share accomplishments
  • Membership in the LoveHeals Manifesting Community

Vision Board Workshops empower you to reach for the stars in order to live your best and most prosperous life. 

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Vision Boards work up and down the corporate ladder. They universally affect employee growth and achievement in a positive way, regardless of role or level of responsibility. This is because mindfulness and wellness go hand in hand, and achieving  professional goals is also highly personal, as are the tools used to do so. Visualization has long been studied and touted as an integral component of any successful person's daily regimen. Mindfully viewing images of your goals works best when you have a physical visual reminder of your desires available to see regularly. Enter Vision Boards. They have been known to promote health, wellness and overall profitability .

Participants are guided through a highly educational, engaging and fun vision board workshop designed specifically with your company's goals, wellness programs and teams in mind. All attendees leave truly thrilled by what they have learned and are equipped with a tangible and mindful way to stay motivated and reach goals.

Empower your team today!